When I was a kid, math was my greatest subject. I could not get enough of it. We would have races at the chalkboard against other classmates to see who could write a math problem out and solve it the quickest. I felt honored after a while that I was part of a few that got to go “up a grade” for math class somewhere around the 4th or 5th grade. This was my introduction to the “Honors” math program, or AP as it would later be called. Algebra was “fun”. Junior year in high school, Trig and Pre-Calculus would wrap up my affection for math.

I guess it was the organization and logic behind mathematics that intrigued me. While most people I knew were doing the daily crossword puzzle, I would be searching the magazine shelves at the drug store for logic books. Always trying to find out who sat next to who, what color shirt each was wearing, and what each was eating…all from a set of very limited, but complete, set of facts. I would latter discover that according to psychologists I would be what is called a “Concrete Sequentialist”. Meaning, I am a non-abstract type of thinker and like all my “just the facts Ma’am” in an organized, logical way. Think Sgt. Friday, (Jack Webb), from the old Dragnet series.

I don’t know if it’s a learned behavior or not. But what I do know is I don’t seem to see much of it in the coming generations. This worries me. See, when our leaders throw out figures to tell us what they’ve accomplished, or will accomplish, it seems to me that there are a whole bunch more people that just accept those figures without passing them through “the math test”.

Unemployment is finally down to 7.8%. A figure that was thrown at us 4 years ago when the President took office. But is it the same? Does today’s 7.8% mean the same as 2008’s 7.8%?

A man owns some apple trees on his property. The apple trees in 2008 yielded 1000 apples. There were 100 workers looking for work so he hired 92 workers to pick the apples. Each worker picked just under 11 apples. This left an unemployment ratio of 8%.

In 2012 the man’s apple trees yielded 500 apples. This time there were only 50 workers looking for work so he hired 46 workers. Each worker picked just under 11 apples…again. This left an unemployment ratio of 8%.

Are the 8% numbers representing the same thing? Where did the other 50 workers go? Early retirement for less benefits? Social Security Disability? (which has risen drastically in the last 4 years). No. The numbers are not the same. Nor should we think the 7.8% unemployment numbers the President is throwing out there represent the same employment of 4 years ago.

And let me also point out that in the challengers proposal, there are many “unknowns”, or as we who love Algebra say, “X, Y, and Z’s”.

The question I have is this: Are we smart enough as a nation to judge these numbers accurately?

How did we get to this point? By “this point” I am referring to this “dumbing down” of ourselves. Was it just by accident and laziness…or a calculated plan by the “powers that be”? Place tin foil hat on now, thank you…

Before you dismiss this “calculated plan” theory, I would like you to do a little research on a woman named Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt.



While I am hesitant to latch on to tin foil hat theories, what she describes and claims would fit perfectly well within the guidelines of what is commonly accepted as Dispensational Eschatology, (End-Times Prophesy).

For many, or at least many more today than 20 years ago, the numbers will not look suspicious and voting will be done blindly from the emotion instead of the intellect. Just the type of follower an Anti-Christ needs to lead the whole world.


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