The Lessor of Two Evils…Again

The scene opens up with me standing in the middle of the room. My enemies are surrounding me, weapons drawn, waiting for the word from their leader to fire. The leader walks in, with both my sons blindfolded, and stands them in front of me about 10 paces away. He then proceeds to hand me a pistol, with the command that I will be ending the life of one of them today, only to bring home the other. He then instructs me that all will die if I do not follow his command and that it is time to “prioritize” my sons.

Even blindfolded as they are, I can still see the fear in their eyes…each one recounting the last act of disobedience to me and wondering if that would be enough to consider them “more worthy” of execution than the other. In essence, they believe I have been given a choice of choosing the “lessor of two evils” to live. But for me, in my mind, I have boiled it down to a different choice between evils. Knowing I cannot take the lives of either of my sons of whom I love with all my heart, no matter what infractions they have ever committed against me, I raise the pistol to my own head and prepare to take the satisfaction of instilling a memory of being responsible for the murder of one of my sons away from my enemy, leaving the responsibility of murdering both my sons on his hands.

To many of us, this is how we think. Immediately thinking of taking the high road. Or in this case, the “higher” road. It’s a no-brainer. Self-sacrifice. The loving thing to do…even though suicide is never condoned. Interestingly, I cannot recall ever reading in the Scriptures where God has commanded someone to choose the lessor of two evils. As it has been said, “To choose the lessor of two evils…is still choosing evil.” But we are called to never choose ANY evil. We are called to choose RIGHTEOUSNESS. We have a dilemma.

Looking at the above scenario in my “story”, neither of the two options are “righteous”. At first, most of us would only think that those are the only two options available. But I know some of you immediately patted yourselves on the back, discovering the third option rather quickly. But of course! Your enemy handed you a gun! SHOOT HIM!!!! If we are all gonna die, at least take the evil one with you…right? OK…try this on for size…”Love your enemies”. Not sure if killing them qualifies as “love”, in this non-war scenario. We can’t justify it as protecting our loved ones because we are sure to know once my gun fires in a direction other than my kids, the enemy’s guns will fire on my kids. So what is the righteous choice?

To just say no. No blood on my hands. All blood on whom it deserves to be on. The enemy. As for me and my sons, we will trust the Lord…even when thrown in to the furnace… or lions den.

While the “Church” does not officially endorse a candidate, the individual members do. For the longest time we have looked for those that represented the most moral in character, the ones who would support our utmost cherished causes. Causes we believe the Lord is most concerned about. To accomplish what we believe to be the truth, we have had to choose “the lessor of two evils” in the past…with the hopes of someday getting a candidate that comes from us and is of us.

But consider this, have you noticed that the more we have compromised, the quality and quantity of candidates who fit the bill are less and less? In two weeks, we as individuals who make up the Holy Spirit filled Body of Christ will have a choice between someone who claims to be “of us” but goes against much of what we stand for, and someone who is not “of us” because he denies the true nature of Christ, His uniqueness of deity, and man’s true spiritual condition and responsibility before the Lord. In essence, belonging to a false religion.

In our attempt to justify our choice of the lessor of two evils, we concentrate on the good character, moral issues that coincide with the church, and his family life. To make this palatable, one of our most cherished ministries has removed all references to Mormonism being a “cult” from their website. We say things like, “We are choosing a President, not a national Pastor.” And while this is true, by compromising…again…we can be assured that the next primary season our candidate that is from us and of us will not get establishment backing and will be wiped out early…mostly because of the erroneous theory of “Political Electability”. The Establishment will make sure that our vote can be counted on because of our fear of the other guy.

So while I will never tell you who to vote for in two weeks, I will tell you that you have more choices than the lessor of two evils. You can write in the most godly, Holy Spirit filled person you know…or you can leave the Presidency vote blank and vote for the most godly Spirit filled candidates in all the other races. Remember, when evil occupies the top, it is the locals who will have to do their bidding. I’d hope that I would have chosen one who when given the order to “round up all the Christian haters” would instead tell me ahead of time to grab my family and run to the hills.

Friends, persecution is coming for the Church. I’m not saying that our two main choices fit this analogy exactly, but a choice between Anti-Christ or his False Prophet is not one we can defend when we appear before the Bema Seat.


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