The Art of Articulation

It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. The “Tri-fecta”, that is. All 3 Taboos occurring at the same time. Politics, Sex, Religion…or in this case, Politics, Reproduction, and Religion. Recently at a debate for the Indiana U.S. Senate seat, Richard Mourdoch attempted to express with passion his stance on abortion. What came out of his mouth, for those NOT paying close attention and who do not already know the details of this position, was that “God intended for rape” to happen.

For a video of his attempt and background see here:

He’s not the only one to speak on the issue of abortion with less than acceptable language. Another GOP candidate, Todd Akin, Missouri’s Republican Senate candidate, suggested that pregnancies resulting from what he called “legitimate rape” were “really rare.”

Folks, why do we shoot ourselves in the foot? Why have we become so careless when it comes to speaking on such moral topics? We need to be more careful. Slow it down a bit. Take our time, especially if we are running for office – the political spotlight where wolves are just chomping at the bit. Take a look at this trashing of the Church and our God:

The abortion issue is not about life. It is not about death. Those are just the outcomes from a choice made. Made by a woman, man, or both. That choice is made based on a worldview and how the circumstances surrounding the choice are influenced by that worldview. Does our worldview view the creation of a human as an act of God? Or man? Or both?

Here is my position on the issue as influenced by my Christian Theistic worldview. While God does not dictate the circumstances surrounding the act of sex, whether in close intimacy or brutality, only He can breathe a soul into a fertilized egg. It is He who makes the womb barren, or fertile. He offers His love, comfort, direction, and healing power to the woman who is raped, whether impregnated or not. He offers the same to the loving couple…even if they had no intention on having children.

Here’s the hard part. No matter what crime has been done to us, no matter how victimized we become, no matter how much they spit on us, rip our clothes off, parade us around in utter humiliation, no matter what marks we may have left as a reminder of the abuse we have taken on our beaten bodies…a beaten, bloody, flesh-torn, spit-covered, naked Christ hung on a cross, bearing the nail holes for eternity as a constant reminder…and yet said “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”

No matter what happens, the two most important commandments that sum up the entire Law and the Prophets never go away: “Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength”, and “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

But who is my neighbor?

He is the one who resides in your womb.

I hope I’ve articulated this well.


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