Who’s To Blame – With Help From a “Wretched” Video

Tensions are high for most of us, although I do have some friends that are celebratory right now. There is worry and concern for America. Some have just had enough and have refused to look at another political piece. I too am reaching this point. Frustrated. Angry. The book of Jeremiah and its companion, Lamentations will be my reading for the month. As I read, I too cry out to my Lord as the prophet did in sorrow over his peoples sin and ways.

As with most grieving processes, denial, anger, and sadness take place. Such will be the way with most of us who read this blog. We prayed, and prayed…some fasted even, and it seemed the Lord has rejected our plea. But has He?

Before the foundation of the world, my God had a plan to bring glory to Himself. He would do this by creating a world in which He would place His crown and glory, man, to reflect His nature back to Him, thus glorifying Himself. This crown and glory would then be presented to the Son of God as a gift, a “Bride”, to experience the ultimate in relational intimacy. This Bride would defile herself and the Groom would redeem her by sacrificing Himself in a complete, total act of selflessness and love.

With that as a backdrop as the ultimate purpose of human existence, we see a God at work in the personal lives of individuals, societies, and nations. He is sovereign in all. His ways are just. His justice is complete and is final and demanded.

So how are the two issues connected? The election and the purpose of life? Oh, they are very much connected. As a nation we have just moved to a society that is more dependent on others to fill the needs of what we should be responsible for ourselves. That is covetous. Things God should be depended on are now the responsibility of the Government, who will now be praised for its charity instead of God. That is idolatry. Murder and Sexual Immorality have just become more acceptable. His justice is demanded, complete, and final.

So…who’s to blame? Not for the election, but for the direction the country has been on for quite some time. Maybe even a century. Here is where you check out, call me a lunatic, and hate me.

The Church. Yeah, that’ right, I said it. Not President Obama, not Gov. Romney, not the Democrats, nor Republicans, not even the heathen. No, we, the Church, the Body of Christ, the Bride are to blame. We who are to wear the righteousness of Christ as a robe that has been made white and pure by being dipped in His blood have been getting it all messed up. Just so you know, God does not use “Spray-N-Wash” for spot cleaning or “Clorox” bleach for whitening when He does laundry. No, He spot cleans with “Suffering” and bleaches with “Persecution”.

The sins of the Church are huge. We have blood on our hands. Our divorce rates sometimes are higher than the unbelieving world and yet we preach traditional values. Hypocrites. We take a Pro-Life stance but many of our wives and daughters have murdered in the womb. We worship the wrong things. We worship freedom more than the One who grants us it as a privilege.

We believe and support leaders who compromise life in the womb under “certain situations” such as rape, incest or health of the mother. There is a strong move by those who claim the name of Christ towards homosexual marriage, as even some denominations have gay Pastors. We support leaders who who have passed laws legalizing such acts. We are losing the battle. Christians Must Return to Principle after Unprecedented ‘Gay Marriage’ Election Day Victories

We support candidates who think they are a god, or believe that someday if they are good enough they will become a god of their own planetary system. Religious contours little changed in US election: analysis

We are in love with the idea of Christ…not Christ Himself. We are in love with the Laws of Christ…but not the Law Giver Himself. Today’s American Christianity does not know Christ in an intimate way. Some of us as individuals do, but as a collective body making up a people group, in general we are lost. The converts in other countries that suffer daily for being in love with Christ as a result of missionaries we sent must be scratching their heads. North Korean Church Prays For American Church

We don’t look at our own land as a mission field. We tell others to come hear someone else tell them about our Savior instead of telling them ourselves.

How did we lose our way?

As I was preparing this week to share my thoughts, I ran across this video that expresses exactly what I believe. So here it is:


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