The Art of Articulation

It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. The “Tri-fecta”, that is. All 3 Taboos occurring at the same time. Politics, Sex, Religion…or in this case, Politics, Reproduction, and Religion. Recently at a debate for the Indiana U.S. Senate seat, Richard Mourdoch attempted to express with passion his stance on abortion. What came out of […]

The Most Important People In This Election…or Not.

Obama, Romney…Liberalism, Conservatism…Democrat, Republican…Pro-Choice, Pro-Life…Big Government, Small Government…Small Military, Huge Military…Keynesian Economics, Capitalism…Pro-Union, Pro-Business…you get the idea. There could NOT be any more stark difference in choices this election. Many have voice their choice in the polls…47% to 47% (+/- 2). So that leads me to a very interesting question. Who are these 4-6 percent […]

When Liberties Collide

A Different View of the Cheerleaders Bible Banners Controversy This past week trouble was a brewin’ in an east Texas school. See this link for the background: Cheerleader Story It’s a classic case of what some would say is a conflict between 1st Amendment rights…if one uses the widely accepted misinterpreted “Establishment Clause”. Freedom of […]


You’ve heard it. I’ve heard it. We’ve all heard it. That saying we remember hearing at an early age. “When in mixed company, you must not talk about Politics, Sex, and Religion.” Well I am going to break this rule. Why? Because in many of our life experiences we realize that much of what and […]